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JOHN FRAUTSCHY is a freelance lighting designer and production manager based in Madison, WI. Recent local designs include: Guys On Ice, Proof, and The Glass Menagerie for Madison Rep, Il Travatore and Don Giovanni for Madison Opera, Retrospect, Kanopy Dance Co., 20th Century Express, Rockford Dance Co., and The Passion of Dracula with University Theater. John is an associate designer with Hase & Associates, including work for Cincinnati Ballet, designing an original Midsummer Night's Dream, and every summer with Cincinnati Opera. John is the Director of Production for Madison Opera, and has traveled extensively as production coordinator with Ping Chong & Co., including the regional and international tours of Deshima, After Sorrow, Undesirable Elements, and SlutForArt, a co-production with Ping and Muna Tseng Dance Projects.

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