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In my sound loop creation I have Eric's permission to — in his words —"mash" the poetry,
and I have permission from Joan and Jane to do the same with their music bits.  This will be
fun for me — sort of like being Joan and Jane's composing assistant — and I think it will
be interesting for those walking through the installation ...The music you provided and the
rhythms of the spoken words literally laid out a smorgasbord for me. Most of the elements
you hear simply suggested themselves; I don’t really feel like I thought much of this up myself
at all.  Most of it just felt like it had to be a certain way.
Buzz Kemper
What a piece of work!  ... I can not wait  until we do this!
Steve Braunginn
Jane Reynolds
Buzz, fantastic job!  I wasn’t expecting my jaw to drop (which it did) when I heard the
altered vocal sounds and the way you integrated everything into a mesmerizing musical
soundscape.  You’re a genius!  I can’t wait to hear it in the quad speakers.